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There are still Saints in this world!

For those of you who have visited me in San Antonio, I probably dragged you out to the 2M Smokehouse for Beef ribs. The best I have ever had. So I was thinking I won't probably be back to San Antonio after this Winter and I won't be able to eat solid food much longer so I decided to get a rack of beef ribs this Saturday. Well, I drove out to the Smokehouse, sat in my car and waited. They came out with my Ribs then when I tried to pay they said no need, this is our Christmas gift to you! They comped me on at least $100 order of food! I was amazed. They seem to recall me every time I called an order in over the past three years though I never went more then twice a year. So I am pretty sure they recalled my illness and decided to give me my food. So touching. There are still Saints walking this world friends and I just met some at 2M Smoke House at 2731 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222. If you make in to San Antonio you have to go there on Saturday at 10:30am and order the Beef Ribs. You have to wait in line for them to open at 11am otherwise your will run the risk they run out before you get to the counter. Or you can do what I do. Send them an email from their website and order the ribs to go. If you buy a full rack of three ribs, they will let you come in early before they open and purchase the meal. It is a meal not to be missed, I promise. Russ

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Jan 06, 2021

Those ribs look amazing!!


Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
Dec 26, 2020

That is fabulous. Good people! And thanks to you I was able to enjoy their unbelievably good ribs and other fixins. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season in the same fashion!

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