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More Oly Pictures

Seems to be a popular item so here are some more.

This was her mother, a female collie mix that came and lived in our parking lot at Olympic Printing Plant while she recovered from a broken rear leg. Mike Brierly (sp) took the mother home, not sure if she is still living or not.

And this is her father. A pit bull who was not very friendly. Notice the stiff legged gait he has. He is getting ready to charge me if I came any closer. I was about 50 yards away and I didn't get any closer! He disappeared shortly after that and we never found out what happened to him.

This is how big she was when I brought her home. A marine who had served three tours of duty in Iraq volunteered to go into the clump of Birds of Paradise that the mother had made her den in and retrieve the puppies.

As I had to explain to employees, the puppies where cute now, but in six months we would have eight hungry half pit bull dogs that wouldn't be asking for food, they would be making the employees their food! So best to catch them now and find them homes.

Here is Oly at a young age, still a lot of puppy in her but getting her adult size.

My favorite picture of her. At the top of the foothill we used to climb every day and thinking she is going to chase some animal. But she would never run away from me to do so, she would just look back at me and wait for me to say get it.

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