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Hospital again today.

I am going in for "minor surgery" again in hopes of replacing this dangling 16 inches of tube from my stomach tube with something shorter. I am hoping against hope, this time, minor means minor to me. No new holes being made so I have hope. Will post more after the procedure, later today or tomorrow depending on how I feel.

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Dec 31, 2020

Hi, Russ, sorry you are having more "minor" surgery. Have been thinking of you!! Did you have a good Christmas? Do you have any plans for the new year? I will be here until January 16th when Julie and Richard take me to St. Louis to meet Jackie and Sindy. Keep your chin up. I pray for you all the time! All my love 💘 Aunt Jane


Dec 30, 2020

🙏today for you Russ! ❤️

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