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Oreo's and Milk. Just because sometimes.

So this post is for anyone with ALS that has lost the ability to eat by mouth. Sometimes, when I am a little low about not being able to eat, I get up and walk into my kitchen and select eight Oreo's and put them in a blender and add milk. About a glass. Set the blender to puree and in about 30 seconds you have a mixture that will go through your Peg feeding tube. This is all about mental stimulation, you won't taste it but it feels good. And the sugar rush you get is the only satisfaction you will enjoy. But it counts for something. A small victory I will admit but think we need to have one of these every once in awhile. And I am going to try the famous Two M Barbecue Beef Ribs this Friday. I don't know how they will go down but I am betting with enough barbecue sauce and a high enough setting on the blender I will be successful!

That is an actual beef rib from 2m smokehouse. I discovered it when I worked here in 2016 and have been hooked on them ever since. Now that I can't eat, I do have to try to get one of them down before I leave. They only make them on Saturday and they aren't open the last two Saturdays I am here but when I emailed them and asked about getting a beef rib they agreed to make a rack for me. That is scheduled for this Friday. I love these employees, the go the extra mile for customers.

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