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David Pagel Guest Post.

Self Pity? As I told you long ago, I have been and remain absolutely blown away by how positive and vibrant you've been able to remain for this long. You are easily the most courageous person I know at a personal level. If nothing else, go ahead... wallow... at least for a bit. Your entitled, for Christ sake! As for the falling, above and beyond what you've already come up with... a cane? A walker? Two canes? A short Asian woman with big boobs to help hold you up... or cushion falls, as it were And Happy New Year Russ!!!

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Russ Newton
Russ Newton
31 dic 2021


I will let you all in on a secret. For the first 18 months of this disease, I was still able to do everything I used to do. Sure I slurred a few words but I was normal in every other respect. And living the life of Riley. It has only been in the last eight months that it has become harder. First I had more trouble speaking and eating. Then about four months ago I couldn't speak or eat anything by mouth. Then about three weeks ago I begin to get weaker on my left side, specifically my left arm and leg. And that was what threw me into a self pity mode for a couple of days…

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