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Dorothy, I don't think we are in Texas anymore!

From my front Porch today around 4pm after 4 inches of snow.

Off to the left from my front porch.

And this is what I saw and I decided to shovel the path from the house to the sidewalk. A big mistake. I got the stoop and steps fine but my fine motor skills are not good. So when I stepped down to the first patch of cement, I lost my balance and fell on the grass to the left just past the bush you see on the left. And I landed on my weak side. Embarrassed, not hurt. But then I tried to get up and I didn't have any strength on my left side to use. So I struggled to turn to my right side and for a minute there I thought I was going to have to lay there and die of cold or wait for a kindly neighbor to walk by and assist me. But after fighting for two or three minutes I was able to turn over to my right side and then lever myself up using the shovel as a crutch and a lever to regain my feet. And it was very difficult to get up from a prone position. I tried to do it in the house to test that out and it was very difficult. That is where I am at now with mobility. If I am moving in space and I lose my balance, I am going down. And that isn't good. So I need to be super careful and not do those kind of movements. And I am taking great care on the stairs and so far knock on wood, I am doing fine there. But this is hard to get used to.

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