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More on Oly.

I think enough time has passed and the raw feelings I had over her untimely passing have faded enough to talk about some of the good memories I have of Oly. She was a nervous dog and when she was nervous and stressed, she could be destructive. So I ended up taking her to work with me in San Francisco. Here are several pictures of her with me at the plant. I would drive to work with her, always in the back seat. When I got to the plant, I would open the back door and she would hop out and follow me into work. As I passed employees, they would often greet Oly first, then me second. Appropriate! I would often stop in the break area for a cup of coffee and conversation with co-workers. She would just wait for me. Then she would follow me into the office and go to her spot and wait for me to do something. I would just get up and walk the plant and she would follow me. She got so comfortable in this big giant production facility on a few occasions, I would pass through a door and not thinking about her at all, she would be trapped on the other side of the door. After a short period of time I would notice she was no longer near me or an employee would say to me "Where is Oly?" I would then retrace my steps and always find Oly sitting on the other side of the last door I went through waiting for me to open the door.

This is Oly under my credenza behind my desk, where she spent most of her day at work with me sitting quietly. She would get up and follow me whenever I left the office, without a leash.

Her she is waiting for me in the bathroom. Enough said about that.

Oly outside the plant on one of our daily walks around the perimeter of the building.

Here is a video of shot of Oly outside the plant. I was telling her to "hop on pop" as she would often do. Jumping up in the air and landing with her paws together trying, I assume, to capture a lizard. She never would do it for me when I was videoing for some reason.

Waiting for me to make the next move.

In a meeting with me and a little bored.

Another meeting.

Hearing something behind and checking it out for flight or fight.

Paying attention during a meeting.

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