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How I eat.

This is what I need to eat. A glass, a 150ml syringe, a tube to access the "peg" I have implanted in my lower chest and the actual food I consume every day, twice a day.

Step two, empty a carton of Jevity liquid protein into a glass.

Step 3 Empty a second carton into the glass. That will provide me with 300ml in a glass.

All set to go. Time to connect the tube.

Tube is connected now.

I draw up 150ml of liquid protein.

I connect it to the end of the feeding tube and slowly push the fluid into my stomach. I don't feel anything happen when I do this. My Jevity rep was amazed when I told her what I was doing. She said I was supposed to be on a gravity feed system. (Which I left here in Texas so I will bring it back when I return just in case) When I asked if I was not having any issues with the syringe (Not strictly true, the syringes I received from Jevity only hold 60 ML, I purchased 150ML tubes online from Amazon) After talking about it for a while she said it was working for me, to keep on doing it.

The last carton of three.

It takes me four full 150ML syringes to finish this "meal" off.

And the final part of the "meal" I have to flush the line with water. But that is it, I am done with my "meal" at this point.

Now my thoughts. This isn't eating, this is surviving. There is zero pleasure in this process. I refer to this process as powering the car. It is just a way to inject enough calories into my body to survive. And I never get hungry. So I have to time the powering of the car to twice a day or I won't eat. And they told me "no one gains weight on a liquid diet". But I will gain some weight because I am taking two more containers a day then I did before. I weighed 202lbs this morning and I just started taking six containers again. I had cut back to four a day because the the company I am getting them from said my insurance wasn't approving the Jevity since "I could still take food by mouth". So I spent a month emailing my insurance company that I could not take a single food item by mouth. And after a month of daily emails they approved it. But I looked it up on Amazon and I can buy a case (4 days of fueling) for $40. So I have a fallback if I need it.

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Dec 10, 2021

😘Thinking of you. I do that a lot! I love to play cribbage so wish I lived close to you.

Be careful alone there. You are amazing, as you find things that help you all the time. I love and miss you, and your always in my payers. Aunt Jane

Russ Newton
Russ Newton
Dec 10, 2021
Replying to

Aunt Jane, You are very sharp to recognize the cribbage board in the background. I played to games with my friend Mark Dtayo. He managed to beat me twice but I think that was just luck! Love ya Russ

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