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Here is a picture of my feeding tube.

I hope you can appreciate why I desire a button access vs. this dangling 16 inches of tube hanging out of my body. And please note, I am not hairless around the site, I do shave it after learning that changing the dressing each day requires pulling very sticky tape off your body every day. And it hurts when your pulling hair. So I shave the area down every couple of days. Too much information? Probably. But who cares at this point? Russ

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Dec 17, 2020

You're in good company Russ. I can remember when President Lyndon Banes Johnson lifted his shirt for the media. He was proud of the scar from his recent gall bladder surgery.

Sometimes reality is just plain ugly.


Dec 14, 2020

Russ, wise decision shaving! My brother is a quad and he fights with a feeding tube...a hassle, but better than the alternative! Hope you have a good day! Randy

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