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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah .. Happy holidays to everyone!! Russ said something to me the other day that stung a bit. He suggested that this upcoming Christmas might be his last Christmas (I foresee many more btw!). So… what to do?!?.. Party like its 1999! I am in San Antonio with Russ for the month of December. I want to make sure that Russ enjoys this time(besides calling him names and hiding his shit.. LOL). We are getting a tree and lights… the whole shebang. I am asking yawl to contribute to making sure Russ wakes to a child-like Christmas experience on Christmas morning. I am hopeful that we can offer him some fun things to open that will offer him some surprise and joy. I am NOT asking for expensive gifts to be sent to Russ. What I am asking for is for you to search your memory banks and recall a special time/experience you had with Russ. If there is something that you could send to him so that he could relieve that experience that would be a wonderful gift. Whatever you might be able to contribute would be great… as long as it is from your heart nothing would be too small or insignificant… it will all be prized… ** Another option might be to donate something to a great nonprofit in Russ’s name. Please just send something to Russ let him know of your generous donation. Please send anything that you might think of to: Russ Newton 302 Pruitt Ave, San Antonio, TX 78204 It would be great if you could wrap anything you send. If not, I will be glad to wrap it. Thank you up front for your kindness and consideration.

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1 Comment

Mark Dtayo
Mark Dtayo
Dec 05, 2021

Prize to the most fun wrap job... ugly... goofy... beautiful... have fun with this if inspired.

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