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Good News! (and some bad news)

The good news is I made an 856 mile trip by car from just outside of Nashville, Tennessee to my home in San Antonio. Did it in one shot, about 13 hours of driving with only two stops for gas and one stop to eat (steak and eggs at Waffle House). The not so good news? I noticed the fascic

ulations (or tremors) on my left arm were very active the other night. And that, combined with difficulty moving two fingers on my left had last week are signs that I will be losing the use of at least my left arm in the near future. I am going to write a message to my doctor to see what she says about this undesirable side affect. But I am pretty sure it is another inevitable step toward the exit. Bummer.


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1 Comment

Dec 14, 2020

I am sure the trip took a toll so give us an update after you get some rest. Stay positive and strong!

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