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Delayed Gratification

The good news? I did get my Botox treatment today. The not so good news? Rags will be part of my future for a week. That is how long it will take to have the full effect. And I did get a refill on my three other anti saliva drugs so maybe I will be able to reduce the volume of drool a bit. So when you get Botox for drooling they stick a long needle in four points on your head. The first two were easy and hard. Those are the Parotid Gland. (The source of light saliva) The first one was no pain. The second one no pain on injection, but man, the Botox really burned on the second part of the shot. Same story with a twist for the two lower spots on my head. That is called the Submandibular Gland (and the source of thick slimy saliva) The twist, the doctor told me she had to search for the gland with the needle and "it may be uncomfortable" . First one no problem. Second one, it was definitely painful as she searched for the gland and the Botox hurt like heck! But I am through and my mental attitude is good. I know relief is on the way and I have a pretty good handle on the rag in the mouth thing now. I can do it another week if I have to.

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