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Best Beef Ribs!

This is the smaller of the two racks of ribs I got today from 2M. And they blew me away again. They gave me a free rack of ribs, again. So I have six ribs to eat and I will not be able to do that. So a lucky friend in Wisconsin will get to enjoy these ribs when I bring them back with me in a couple of weeks. Probably will be 98% as good as they are fresh.

So, I cut off the rib on the left and stripped it. Put it in the blender with a pint of barbecue sauce and blended it for about five minutes. Not enough as I discovered. It plugged up my feeding tube so I returned to the blender for another five minutes then it went down fine. I also got to taste it bit by putting a scrap in my mouth and sucking on it while I was infusing with it. I know probably not the tastiest sounding meal but it is the best I can do under the circumstances.

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