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Adventures with solid food. (blended down so I can ingest via my peg tube)

Stuffed shells tonight. And not made as suggested by this photo. I made mine in a stove top pan. Added some sausage flavored pasta sauce and let it simmer for about 90 minutes. When I took the lid off it was a big cheese mess! But since I was going to move it to a blender I didn't care. The one mistake I made is it was really hot. And I was burning my stomach, I could feel it. So I set it aside and let it cool down a bit. Then as insurance, I also prepared a syringe of pedialyte. So I took in a syringe of pasta and cheese and then followed it up with pedialyte. And that worked quite well. I can't say I really tasted it but it does make me feel better about myself. So I have few meals to look forward to. Next up? Sausage meatballs. Then? Spicy Sausage meatballs. Okay, not a lot of variety there is there? But then there isn't that much that will fit through a hole in the tube about this

size. o

Bonus coverage.

My Christmas tree now has 19 presents under it. Of course I got 15 of them from the San Francisco Chronicle where I worked last. But I also received a nice framed picture. See it below.

That is the team I assembled when I was out there. Andre Thomas, the third from the right took my place when I retired. Next to him is Rob Kinard. I hired him in San Antonio and was working on bringing him to BAPS when I had to leave due to ALS. Then the other two gentlemen are Angel Martinez and Rocky the Packer fan! And look at the next picture to see what they did for me.

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