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Well it was too good to last.

I was going to post tomorrow I was at nine days without a breathing incident, that I was feeling almost healed from my hematoma injury and I was feeling pretty good. Which would have been true up to 9pm tonight. But my suction device has been down and waiting for a service guy so I was reduced to clearing excess salvia from my mouth with a rag. Well, I couldn’t clear it fast enough and triggered another episode of not breathing. And I am getting pretty darn tired of it. I did have some good luck clearing it by forcing air down my lungs with the suction device, but then it would come back thirty seconds later. And it also overheated the machine and that would be very bad. So I am going to up my attempts to buy backup devices, it is too critical to my health to not having them working. And I am not feeling good anymore but I can say I am almost healed from my bad fall and the hematoma is almost healed and I am off the Advil. So that is one out of three! Will have to be good enough for now.

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