• Russ Newton

Update on Not being able to breath.

Updated: Jun 19

My last incident of not being able to breath happened June 6th. And I said earlier I had figured it out. I just needed to take all my nutrition via the feeding tube. But I haven't lived up to that. I was taking food via the tube in the morning and lunch then eating some small like Mac and Cheese or Mussels. Then I moved up to lunch of fried chicken and dinner was Mac and Cheese or Mussels. Then I took it a step further and have been eating pizza (Just eating the toppings) and not taking any food via the stomach tube. And here I sit on June 15th and not another incident of not being able to breath. Puzzling! I have made an appointment to go to my ALS doctor and do a swallow study and hope to find out more from that. But I am 100% okay with not suffering from any more not being able to breath incidents!

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