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Update on my Health Hint, good news!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Well things aren't as bad as I thought at least according to my ALS Doctor today. I had my four month full assessment today. It took about 5 hours. I am weaker on my left side than my right side but both were weaker about 10 to 15% then the last assessment. But the good news was my breathing was judged to be very good by the doctor. I scored 97% on oxygen in my blood. And the doctor said my breathing was at a high level for almost two year in on ALS. The bad news is I am getting a brace for my left leg to help correct the foot drag I did on the way in today. The first time in six weeks too. But my companion, Jim Pagel told on me and of course then the physical therapist saw evidence of foot drop when I walked for her. Though to be fair I also couldn't balance on my left foot either. So the doctor stated average life span for Bulbar Onset ALS is five years which isn't true. It is 22 months. But putting that inconvenient stat aside, he said he thought I could make another year or two based on my breathing and understanding I would not accept a ventilator. And I thought I was down to my last few weeks based on not being able to speak or eat anything by mouth. As I am still doubtful about how much longer I will be alive but it was nice to hear a positive opinion. And he was also quite helpful talking at length about the pros and cons of stem cell treatments.

So a good day overall after a raft of not so good of days.

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