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There are some decent people running clinical trials.

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

I had been applying for many clinical trials for ALS treatments. I have shared with you all the various cold hearted rejections I have received. So many to this point I have given up on them. But there was one trial that rejected me so nicely I have to tell you all about it. It was a trial for Theracurmin. They have had some interesting results with this medication. But because of the timing they were not accepting any more patients. But in this turn down email she gave me the name of the medication, the suggested doses, where to buy it and what to expect from taking it. Now to protect herself legally I supposed she said she could not recommend medically I do this. But come on, I had all I needed to mimic the trial. So why not? So I ordered it and have been on it for a couple of weeks. No idea if it is working. And I discovered it is a brilliant shade of yellow. And if you happen to forget to close your feeding tube after administering it, it will stain your

carpet the same brilliant shade of yellow! Now I am not saying I have done that, but does anyone know how to get a stain of Theracurmin out of their carpet? Just saying.

Dear Russ,

Thank you for your interest in the Theracurmin Trial. At this time, we are enrolling by invitation only. The study protocol is public on the site (click on the R.O.A.R. Program tab, and the Curcumin Protocol). If you would like to talk with your doctor about using this product, this may be an option for you. The product patients are using in the trial is available on Amazon. The link is below.

Patients in the trial take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. Please understand that I am not recommending you take this product. Consult with a doctor before starting this supplement. You can also continue to search for studies for you may be eligible on the site.

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