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Update on flat tire.

So the rest of the story. I had a flat on the I 24 West at mile marker 15 .I had stopped for lunch at 1 pm and was getting back on the freeway when I noticed the low tire pressure waning from my car. I backed up on the the on ramp I was on and went to a service center where they pulled my tire and examined it and told me it was trashed, the damage was to the sidewall and they did not have a a tire that would fit my car. But the owner said that at exit 4, up the road about 11 miles was near a large population center and they would have my tire. And I could make it because I had run flat tires. I bought that and headed off. But after five miles the tire started to fall apart. And i swear, i followed the guidelines and kept my speed to 50 miles per hour. But in spite of that the tire shredded around mile 10. So I pulled over and called BMW emergency services. After calling and being disconnected several times, I finely was able to give someone my cell number. They connected me with a tow truck company and they showed up about 4 hours after I first reported the issue. They hauled my car to a BMW dealer in Nashville where I am I at now. And left my car at the dealer with high hopes I can get on the road tomorrow .I am really hoping to get on the road by 10 am, but we will see.

Here is a picture of m tire after it failed at running at 50 mph. I am not a big fan of run flat tires at the moment..

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