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Bike of the day number 6.

In 1998 I moved to Ohio to work at a company called Landoll's. What a miserable experience. But I did buy the bike that I was drooling over for a number of years. This bike is a 1998 Honda Valkyrie. I love this bike. i purchased it in 1998 and I am still riding it today. No fears, I have a few more bikes to go, but I still have this one. I have gone over 50,000 miles on this bike and it has taken from Ohio to the East Coast, LA to Wisconsin many times, and on dozens of shorter trips around California and the West Coast. The stories it could tell. Here a few more pictures from various trips I have taken on this bad boy.

Really helpful sign, not.

Old High School Friend Steve Nashold and his father Raymond Nashold at the family farm and the famous (Not kidding, a National Landmark) eight sided barn.

In Yellowstone National Park.

Angeles Crest Part very near LA.

On a circle tour of Lake Michigan.

On a trip to North Carolina.

In the Rocky Mountains

Same trip to the Rocky Mountains. It was 75 degrees that day and lots of snow at the top of the pass.

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