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On Honda's

You might have noticed I have owned nothing but Honda Cycles so far I love the brand and think they build a heck of a motorcycle. During my lifetime, there was a big surge in cycle riding across the country. And leading the way was Harley-Davidson. I get it, the baby boomers saw these bike in many iconic movies and loved the ideals contained within these films. The meanest thing I will say about HD is a quote from a friend many years ago. He said "Harley-Davidson is covered wagon technology, perfected" I think that is not an inaccurate summary of the brand. The engines are loud because they are not efficient. But it does give HD a trademarked sound. Harley fans when being dismissive of any of my Honda's would say they sound like a sewing machine. Well, they do. But they have more power, quicker acceleration and are way more comfortable to ride. Go on any kind of long range trip with someone on a Harley and you will see who wants to pull over first. But anyone that rides a cycle, no matter who makes it is okay with me. A bike is bike. And for me, it is a Honda.

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