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Two for two on damaged shipments! Updated!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

So I got the second Fox today, in more pieces than the first one. i think the entire shipment from China stopped off and had a elephant sit on all the boxes of foxes! But this time I wasn't allowed the option of disposal or otherwise keep it. I had to return this one. And even though FedEx stops here once a day I had to take it in to send it back. So I repacked the box, printed out the label and was forced to drive to a FedEx box and drop it off. So I folded my scooter down and loaded it in the car. then I drove to the drop off box and navigated from my; car over to the bank and down the elevator and found the box. Then I made my way back to the car and was completely wore out. One thing of note. A very nice woman asked me if i needed help as the process of me exiting the car and unloading the box took me about ten minutes. I am sure I looked like I needed help badly. But I assured her I could handle it. But very nice offer to receive. There are still some nice people out there.

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