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Turn down for possible ALS Treatment. What a kick in the Ass. They have something that shows promise

yet it is not possible for me to get in.

Russell Newton,

Thank you for reaching out to Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics. We understand the serious unmet medical need and the urgency of people living with ALS. As you mentioned, BrainStorm completed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled multi-dose Phase 3 trial at multiple sites in the United States.

Read about top-line results: BrainStorm Announces Topline Results from NurOwn® Phase 3 ALS Study - Nov 17, 2020 ( We continue to analyze the data and will share additional data in the weeks and months to come at scientific symposiums. ​We are also assessing potential regulatory pathways that would make NurOwn available to patients.

The investigational therapy NurOwn is not available through any pre-approval pathway anywhere in the world at this time including Israel. The expanded access program is for Phase 3 participants who have completed the randomized controlled trial only.

You may also explore the press release section of our website for the most current information. We recommend that you sign up for our news alerts to receive Brainstorm updates.

Thank you for your support of BrainStorm.


Mary Kay Turner

Vice President

Patient Advocacy and Government Affairs

Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Ltd.

1325 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10019

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2 comentarios

Russ Newton
Russ Newton
24 sept 2021

Deb, No worries, I am getting used to this. Double blind studies is short hand for 50% of patients get sugar water and die. I get scientific rigor, but come on, if your in the Control group your dead with ALS. The first time a new drug shows any promise, it should be released to the ALS patients with whatever warning they want to give, but we all just want a few days longer to live. And they can't see beyond their own self interest. I really hope they all get ALS and get to see what it looks like from this side of the table. Sorry for the Rant, but I got carried away. Russ

Me gusta

Deb Bragg
Deb Bragg
24 sept 2021

Damn. So sorry for this news, Russ.

Me gusta
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