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Updated. Todays State of Mind. An apology.

So I enter my third day of battle with ALS fluid in the throat. And I happy to report I woke up at 4:10am today due to hydrologic pressure and while I was addressing that I started to cough. So I headed downstairs in the dark and utilized the suction device. And got...... nothing! I tried again. And nothing. so I went back to bed and thought hard about what could be the cause. I drifted of to sleep and must have continued to work the issue in my sleep because when I woke up I had it! Last night I was clear until 9pm. I went up on my computer at 6pm and spent three hours there. The day before I spend maybe five hours there during the middle of the day. See the connection? It is how I sit in that chair that I think is causing the build up of thick saliva. So today I am typing with a pillow stuffed between the back of the chair to force me to lean forward. My next experiment in action! And lest you think I am making too big of a deal about this, I was ready to end my life so it strikes me as a pretty big deal and since I know the guy that runs this blog I can put up anything I want !

I have to apologize at least for now. I am suspicious of ALS with good reason. But whatever was going on with me yesterday (Ended up happing 11 times) has not happen once to me since midnight last night. I can't pull any viscous fluid out of my throat. I was very pleasantly surprised after last night to wake up at 9:30am today and unable to pull any fluid out. I am sorry to keep any of you that were worried about me waiting but I wanted to see what would happen during the course of the day. But just a few minutes ago I tried again to pull fluid out and came up empty. And I went to two stores today and was able to walk around for as long as I needed and saliva production was down. Now I am not declaring any victory here and I stand behind the state of my mind yesterday if it comes back. But so far we have a truce and I hope it holds! And I am introducing into my body the same things at the same time it an effort to duplicate what worked today. So not a win, but my mood is considerably brighter today then yesterday!

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