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This is from the Book named Anthem by Noah Hawley. First page of Book 3 Titled Half Earth. Page 217.

First of all, your author would like to apologize for the world he has created. He knows it is ridiculous. The fact that the world he lives in is also ridiculous is no excuse. The author's job is make sense of the senseless. To create coherence from incoherence. But if the author's job is also to reflect reality as he perceives it onto the page, then what is he meant to do when the world he lives in loses all sense? Consider this: 34 percent of his neighbors have gone to war against tiny pieces of fabric worn across the nose and mouth. They believe these tiny pieces of fabric are robbing them of their personal freedom. And so they have declared war against these pieces of fabric, even as scientists present evidence that those same tiny pieces of fabric will protect them from a deadly virus sweeping the globe, killing millions. But for the 34 percent, the

fabric, not the virus, is the enemy. And so they lie dying in hospitals from a disease they argue does not exist.

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