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The next step down the path, willingly and with eagerness!

I have hired a caretake to look after me. She started last night and will staff the 7pm to 9pm shift 5 days a week. The a different person will come the other two days. In the morning starting next week, some one will come in 9am to 1pm. Same deal, they will cover 5 days and someone else the other two. I don't need the help right now but will shortly and better prepared and not need than fail to prepare and need. And yes, I am trying hard to feel good about this and it is not always working to be honest. But I am trying, Lord, that is all I can do.

On the side I have genuine excitement about, Tim Storey is stopping by to play cribbage. And I have hired a home contactor to come by and put up a few grab bars for me to help me avoid falls.

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