• Russ Newton

Sunday night

I left the Bay Area early Sunday morning and was able to drive 800 miles. The put me in Park City, Utah and I connected up with a friend, mentor, boss and then long time Great Friend, Jeff Johnson and his wife Melissa and their middle Son, Brent. We social distanced in the back yard, drank some wine and had what will probably my last conversation with them face to face. The ALS is starting to move a little faster these days and my speech is failing at a rapid pace. Everything else is holding up fine but not the speech.


Melissa (Okay, taking a photo with a fire between us and in the dark wasn't a good composition shot)


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Guest Post Chip Crozier

Russ, you are to be commended and are truly an inspiration in every sense of the word. I have never known anyone else who has tried so hard and so successfully to make the best of an absolutely mis