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This and that.

Sorry, not much to post about for the past few days. After getting home, I needed to get my garbage disposal replaced. Called half a dozen plumbers before getting someone to come out next week. Next up was getting the windshield on my care replaced. Cracked it coming up from Texas in May and from a little star on the windshield it has now covered more than half the glass and almost completed a circle. I had gone through my insurance company and after talking to a glass company went eight weeks before I called them up to see what the heck was going on and was told,. sorry, the couldn't find the windshield for my care. So I started over and in one call was able to get a company to put my windshield in a week, so progress I guess. On the future trip schedule finally got the Cabo trip planned out to go Blue Marlin fishing again. In a big tournament as well, maybe bring home some cash? I can dream. Stopped drinking for five days and felt like my speech was improving but then had a good friend stop by and tell me if anything my speech was worse. So, I guess drinking is back on the schedule now. That is it for random musing today. Russ

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