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Health update.

As I have told a few of you and posted earlier, I am losing my ability to speak quickly these days. Today, another possible disturbing sign. When i got up today, I showered and changed earlier than normal to take my car out to be detailed. I wasn't paying attention when I came down the stairs and I pray to God this was just a normal slip and fall, but I missed the bottom step and just grazed it and took a tumble to the floor. Nothing hurt much except a small cut on my elbow and bruised pride. But with ALS I have to wonder if that is why I tripped and fell. Anyways, not a good day today for me when I have to hope it was just old age and not ALS that tripped me up. Stay tuned for more as it develops.

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Good news!

Well, I am happy to say that I feel the trip and fall I had a few days ago was due to a lack of focus on my part and not an advancement of ALS. I have taken care to pay attention when I go down the st



Aug 26, 2020

Hi Russ, I do enjoy your blog and it's nice to see where you go and what you do. And, I pray that the speech and tumbles are temporary. I am always concerned about you and how your doing. Sounds like you might be going on a ride this weekend. Be careful and have a great time!! All my love, Aunt Jane


Aug 26, 2020

I tripped down the stairs two weeks ago, it happens to all of us! Excited for the fantasy draft this weekend!

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