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Results from my visit to the doctor today.

Well that was different. I didn't get strength tested and I didn't get my gait observed but I did get an answer to a question that was bother me quite a bit. Of course, I didn't get the answer from a doctor but from a nurse. The thick viscous fluid I was pulling out on the 31st of January? The soul sucking junk that made want to die? Was most likely due to bronchial virus of some kind. The yellow color of it was the clue the nurse needed. And that explains why it pass so quickly. I have had five full days since with no heavy fluid to pull out. As to what it was? No idea. But can not eliminate the thought maybe that was what Covid 19 would be like if you were double vaccinated and boosted! One day of hell and than kick out of your body by the transmitters or chips or whatever other goofy thing anti Vaxxers say about vaccines. The only way to know for sure to quote the nurse "get a swab up into my brain" and they can find out. No thanks. But if that is true I have the vaccines and now genuine anti bodies to count on. It is a nice thought to have


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