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Reading for Comprehension.

I installed a NEST thermostat at my home in Wisconsin when I returned here in May. It seemed fairly simple to me and I had no issues with it.....then. The air conditioning worked fine and I thought I was all set. Now I could control both homes via my phone, a nice feature to be sure. So when I turned on the heat a few days ago I was surprised when I came downstairs today it was actually cold in the house. I check the thermostat and it read 65 degrees. So I fiddled around with it a bit but no luck. So I called Cardinal Electric located in Sun Prairie. I have nothing but praise for that company. I requested an appointment and mentioned I couldn't speak and all communication would need to be via email or text. And you know what? It was the first company to actually read what I wrote and comply with my request. It struck me as amazing. If fact earlier today I received two phone calls from a doctor in San Antonio. I picked up the phone and spoke as well as I could which is gibberish now. But they know I can't speak. Just someone in the office didn't read the notes and was so used to calling patients I guess. But it was nice to deal with company that actually read what the customer writes.

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