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Ran into another Saint today.

I have not had my teeth cleaned or been to a dentist in over two years. I had an appointment in March of 2020, a six month follow up that was cancelled due to Covid. So I made an appointment two weeks ago and the first date they had open was in January! I emailed back and asked if there any chance of getting in earlier. I was told, they could see me earlier only if I came in for X Rays and a full workup. I said sure even though all I wanted was a cleaning. So I went into today at 7am to get this done. They took 12 x-ray's of my mouth and did a full examination. They I got my teeth clean. When I went out to pay for this service I was told no charge. Then a Dental associate came out and wanted the front desk to know that I was a no charge payment.

I didn't ask why but I had my first dental work done in over two years and I really appreciated not having to pay anything for it.

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