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Pre Wake Party.

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

At my house last night. I was cooking most of the night and several of my friends tried to get me involved in the animated discussions that where going on. But I prefer to observe and cook much more than participate. It is too hard to keep up with conversations now that I have to type everything out.

Joe has been the longest friendship I had, met Joe in first grade or Kindergarten at Frank Allis Elementary school. Jim Pagel is next met him during sixth grade even though we both went to Frank Allis never connected up there. Then Mark Lowe I met in Ninth grade. And John LaBreche in 10th at the Nashold's house. John Otterson I met when I was 18 and in my first full time job at Madison Newspapers. We were both Dispatch Couriers. And we also give each other rides to work as gas was expensive and we weren't making much money.

I will let the group below (If they feel like it) give you all a review of the food. I also made Pizza and Chili. And there were a few beers consumed and tall tales retold. And some new memories made into the data banks last night as well. Good time, Good Friends. My last big hurrah before.......

Mark Lowe, John LaBreche, Joe McCance.

John Otterson

Jim Pagel

Homemade Barbeque sauce.

Pork rib.

Taco dip with Lobster Mac and Cheese in the top of the picture.

Big Cheese platter. 15 year old Cheder, Brie, Blue Cheese, and Swiss Cheese. With Dates, Grapes, Strawberry's, Cherries, Blueberrys, Candied Pecans, Sausage and Chocolate.

Crab dip.

Bacon wrapped Feta Stuff Dates.

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