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Next Stage

I will start by stating the human mind is incredible. Right now I am impressed with how I have transitioned from thinking I would kill myself if I had to keep sucking on a rag six weeks ago to accepting that I will be sucking on a rag for the rest of my life. Yep, back to rag sucking. The Botox has worn out on the lower side of my mouth and I need to have a rag in my mouth almost every waking hour I have. I do it for two reasons. I don't like to drool and I have this theory anything I could take out of my mouth doesn't go down my throat and become thick.

If you have visited me you know I am not self conscious about it. When I venture out in the car I get some funny looks but I don't care.

So the next stage I am referring to is the stage where I need to use the cough assist device to suck out my throat and lungs about every two hours to pull out the thick salvia that is collecting there. Once when I get up and I don't get any either. Then about two hours later and I do get some material up. I have been doing this for about four days and no more episodes of not breathing. So that is good.

I messaged my ALS doctor about this latest issue and I have an appointment today to see a Pulmonary doctor about this issue. So there is some hope they have a solution for me.

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