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New Arrivals

So a few new arrivals. I think the number is up to 50 and I have several more coming. I thought I was done, but I found a few more species so this isn't finished yet. And I am thinking when I die I am leaving quite a piece of work for my Son!

Funny story about one of these statues. I purchased a rabbit about ten days ago from Amazon. I received a message from them the next day that it wasn't deliverable and was being cancelled. I wonder at that considering I have easily had 500+ deliveries here in the past six months from Amazon so I checked it and it was correct. So I ordered it again. Then the same thing happened again. Odd. So I ordered a third time. And I texted this issue to my son who works at Amazon and he checked and said wait and see what happened. Well it arrived today. And then an hour later, another one arrived again! So now I have two rabbits but also too many carnivores so they are welcome additions.





Rabbit one

Rabbit two.

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Apr 01, 2022

I love seeing these!


Tom Wiensch
Tom Wiensch
Mar 31, 2022

I'm glad you've found this fun thing to do!

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