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Need all your help, please!

Deb joined my site this afternoon and send me this email below We went back and fourth a bit and I want to you to all to know she is not just an Advocate, she lost her husband to this mother fucker of a disease 8 years ago. Just go to the link or send the following information to Deb and she will do it for you. send a email to and pass on your name, full address including zip and email address.

I hope this note find you well. My name is Deb Paust and I am a Co Chair for the I AM ALS (IAA) Legislative Affairs Team. We are working hard to get the ACT for ALS fully funded because it will allow people living with ALS to have access to promising therapies shown to be safe and effective in Phase III clinical trials. We need constituents from all around the country for upcoming requests of Congress and specifically looking for people to place on an appropriations request form for the ACT for ALS. If willing, please go to this link and fill out a brief form or email me at and pass on your name, full address including zip and email address. This is a time sensitive request so your earliest reply is appreciated as we want to send Rep Pocan the request asap and need a constituent to support us. Thank you in advance for your consideration and please reach out if you have any questions. Best, Deb If you have family and friends who would be willing to help us, please copy, paste and share this link far and wide!!!

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