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Minor Health update

So I have not had another fall or episode of not breathing in five days. Taking steps to work around my balance issues and staying hydrated seems to be working. Score two points for the good side. Now for the other side. My left nostril shut down at bedtime and I have been coughing non stop since 6pm last night. It didn't trigger any non breathing but it was irritating to say the least. When I laid down and rolled over it stopped so that was good. But when I woke up I started coughing again. I am in a quiet spell right now but this is wearing me out. Going to try to use the cough assist machine today. I was trained yesterday on how to use it so I am hopeful that will help. And backed to my plugged nose. I have been out of the house three times for quick trips to the store since I got home. I wear a mask and stay away from people, at least ten feet. So I don't think I have Covid. In fact, all I am doing is coughing. But then my nose plugged up. So I am fixating on that. But I am going to assume i don't have it and see if the cough assist will help. Stay tuned.

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