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A Busy social calendar for me yesterday.

Good day yesterday but it really wiped me out. First up was John Otterson. I worked with and met John with my first full time Newspaper job right out of High School. I started at Madison Newspapers in June of 1978 and that is where I got my start in the Newspapers which little did I know then would dominate my professional life. So back to John. We both of traveled a lot of miles from Rosa, Carl, Doug, Mike, Jay, Larry and Ross. And a couple more names that have slipped away from. me. It was great to reconnect with John after so many years. And he was very thoughtful with my limitations conversationally. He didn't pepper with me with quick questions before I answered the previous one. Something that happens so naturally in conversation that people don't realize what a bind that puts someone in who can't speak without using technology. John stayed for four hours and we had a great conversation. Jim Pagel who met John back in the day came by for an hour and sat with us and caught up with John who he hadn't seen since Collage at Edgewood back in the early eighties. But as is become increasingly normal, it really wore me out. I was so tired I couldn't sleep, it that makes any sense. Didn't go to bed until 2am.

Sue Newton

Then I have been trying to have a dinner with my ex wife Sue Newton several times and it finally happened. I made slow cook chuck roast, with Golden Potatoes, cocktail onions, Vidalia onions, brown sugar, beef stock, salt, pepper and a healthy splash of Red wine vinegar for her in a slow cooker not a crock pot! Big difference! We had a nice conversation but as mentioned earlier I was wiped out and it showed. So we talked for a little bit then ate and she went home with the leftovers. I have never been a big leftovers guy and it is very common now for me to prepare a 4lb chuck roast, eat about 1/2 a pound of it or less then toss the rest. So I am glad she took it. She will eat it and I would not.

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Jan 11, 2022

Putting the 4 hours in perspective it was one hour for each 10 years since we saw each other. Sorry to wipe you out, thank you for a great afternoon of memories.

My wife Carol wants your recipe for beef roast

Russ Newton
Russ Newton
Jan 11, 2022
Replying to


That wasn't due to you! It is due to ALS. I have no stamina and my fingers get tired texting, which leads to constant corrections and more typing. It was great see you Bud! Russ

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