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Medical issues, again!

I was hoping I was done with this nonsense, but it happened again. Yesterday, i was suppose to have the huber needle place in my port. This is the only part of the process I am not certified on yet. So the nurse comes out, attempts to place the needle, once, twice, three times! No luck. So now I get to spend the next two hours on the phone (of course the nurse couldn't come out Friday, the first day I could start infusion) trying to get ahold of a nurse to find out what I should do next. After speaking with a nurse from my Wisconsin doctor, a nurse from the company that provides the medication and last, the on call doctor for my local doctor in Wisconsin, this is the plan. I will wait until Monday early to call my Wisconsin doctor and get an order from here to go to a local hospital to have my port Studied. "What is a Port Study? A Port study is performed when the port is not functioning properly. Contrast material is used to visualize the port function under fluoroscopy guidance." So the hope is for many things to go right. 1. That I can get in touch with the doctor. 2. That I can get in the hospital on Monday. 3. That they can figure out what is wrong and place the huber needle 4. So I can start infusining on the last of the 4 days I can take off on this cycle and start and keep the schedule I am supposed to. Pitfalls? Well, when I got the flat tire on the cycle in Indiana, the dealer gave me a service date 34 days in the future. So what are the odds the hospital can fit me on Monday? I am tempted to try to access it myself but I only have one needle left and I screw it up then I will have to wait for the supplier to ship more. So i thinK I will wait and hope for the best.


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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2020

Hope everything ends up okay and you are doing well

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