• Russ Newton

Me in my last hourly job before Managment.

Updated: May 19

This is a picture of me working at the Army Times in Springfield, VA back in the early eighties. I left shortly after this picture and took my first step on the management ladder as a press supervisor at the Chicago Tribune. I had a small panic attack before my first day on the job, but I took deep breathes and told myself the following. "I have never been taught how to supervise but I have been supervised for the past seven years. And I will do everything I liked in that time (about 5%) and do the opposite of the things I didn't like. (95%). And as I moved up the ladder that is how I carried out every job after that. And it appeared to work quite well for me as I reached the top of the ladder in the Newspaper business as the COO and President of the San Diego Union Tribune.

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