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Todays travel and an incident that concerns me.

I hit the road today at 8am and made pretty good time. Stopped at 5PM in Cranberry PA a suburb of Pittsburgh. I did over 600 miles and have only 312 miles to go to get to Matt's house in Mechanicsville, MD. But the larger concern happened about 50 miles into the trip. I was driving down the freeway,, not eating or drinking anything. Then I suddenly had the urge to cough and after two sharp coughs that made me feel a burnt taste in my throat, I couldn't breath. At all., I calmly tried to breath through my nose, no dice. I tried to pull air in through my mouth, no luck. I started to get light headed so I pulled off the road. And repeated my steps. As I started to pass out I was able to get a little air in via my nose. So I kept working that and after about three minutes, I was able to breath again. But this was the worst one yet. I sent a detailed note to my doctor and am hoping I hear back from him following the holiday. But we need to figure out what this is. Not breathing is not a good side effect to have to say the least. Russ

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