• Russ Newton

Next Three weeks of travel

I am heading to Maryland tomorrow to visit with Matt Miller. Matt and I were pressman at the Army Times in Springfield, VA. My last hourly job in my career. Then after spending a few days with Matt, I am heading cross country to California to see Chris Avetisian a good friend I made during my 15 years at the Los Angeles Times. Chris is funny man and a great human being. More on Chris when I post about my visit with him. Then, I am going to try and visit Jeff and Mellissa Johnson in Park City, Utah. I expect to be on the road for 19 or 20 days. My last hurrah probably as far as travel goes. I am starting to see some secondary symptoms that make me think I am going to lose mobility. But I just finished a round of infusion today of the medicine that is extending my life. So I am hopeful I can hold it all together until I get back to home base in Madison.

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