• Russ Newton

Matt saved my life last night.

So it started when we were on the East side of town where I grew up. Matt said he and Julie wanted to make me dinner, what would I like. I said Bucks Pizza. So we stopped and picked up a couple of Pizzas. Brought them home and ate them. Well when I was eating a piece, I missed noticing a sausage on the pizza piece I was eating. I chewed it up good but I missed the sausage. When I swallowed, the sausage blocked my wind pipe and I couldn't breathe. So I walked over to Matt, indicated I was choking and mimed the Heimlich Maneuver for him. He did it and the sausage came out and I was fine. But that would have been a terrible way to go, choking to death on my favorite pizza of all time! But death was defeated that day though it will go down as the all time champion of all time as it always gets you. Sooner or later.


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