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Matt's House

One thing I have been remise in is pictures of Matt's view from his house. I hope to rectife that with this post.

This is the first of seven pictures of Matt's back yard. The first one is of the old garage on the property and the first view of the water in the Patuxent river Matt's house is located on.

Here is the second shot.

This is of Matt's pier.

This is almost a straight away shot of the back yard.

And this is close to being the best shot of the back yard.

This is the last shot of the water. There is a house over on the far right somewhere, but it mostly marsh over there.

And this last shot if of the sun rising this morning around 6:45am. What I Matt brought me outside to view. I had a great time with Matt and made a commitment to him to attempt to make one more trip out there before I die. I hope I can keep it.

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