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Last Meal......... I would have if it was up to me.

I decided to go out to the best restaurant I know off in Madison area called Rare Steakhouse tonight. Then I decided to have the last meal I would imagine I would have if I knew it was indeed the last meal I would ever have. So here it goes, in pictures and words.

First up, the wine.

I ordered a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, my favorite french wine. Alas, the bottle I ordered was out of stock. So I had to bump up to the next level of Châteauneuf-du-Pape at a cost of $220 for one bottle. But hey, it was my supposed last meal so who cares!

Next up was one of my favorite appetizers, Oysters Rockefeller.

Then a delicious bowl of Lobster bisque.

Followed by some Foie Gras. Delicious!

The main course was five ounces of Kobe beef from Japan. Amazing!

Last was a glass of 40 year old port and bananas foster prepared at the table as a gift from my server.

All in all, an amazing night. And if this was my last meal, I could die a happy man. But it hopefully it wasn't and I can do this again.


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