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Last Bike of the day number 8.

This is also a Valkyrie. A 2015 Goldwing Valkyrie I purchased in 2018 brand new. Yes, It was a fresh out of the crate new but three years old. Honda had really over estimated the market and only produced it for two years, 2014 and 2015. The build too many and I am guessing like most big corporations took awhile to decide what to do. So they convince dealers to take this inventory in 2018 by slashing the price from $18.000 to $9.000 for new bike. I saw this at my dealer in Hayward, CA. but ended up buying it on a trip home to Wisconsin at the dealer there. Fun bike to ride and I like having the option. Three bikes is a lot but most of us have several pairs of shoes also. And with two houses I usually have a bike available to use. This one is currently in Texas and the other two are with me in Wisconsin. That is the end of bikes now. Thanks for letting me share.

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