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John and Maureen LaBreche for dinner last night.

I apologize for no pictures. I was remis. John and his lovely wife Maureen came for dinner and caught me in the mood to cook. So I made the pizza i described in the previous post and served with 15 Year old cheddar cheese and a bottle of 2006 Chateau Les Grands Marechaux.. I must go by their words as I can no longer taste it myself but they told me it was good. We had a nice evening and it was good to cook again but it was with some challenges for me. I had a high chair in the kitchen to sit on while I cooked and that helped. And after they left (and cleaned up) I did have two wine glasses to put way. Well I had two wine glasses. Now I have only one! I was carrying one in my left hand which was foolish and dropped on the floor with predicable results. But I have plenty of wine glasses so no worries. And speaking of last night, I came the closet I have come to not being able to breathe but pulled out of it just before it started. I went to bed and immediately started to cough, hard and uncontrollably. I got up, still coughing and beginning to whoop for air lightly but still able to breathe and got to my my suction machine and cleared out saliva and then jumped over to the cough machine and vacuumed out my throat and then immediately over to the suction and pulled out a load of salvia. Did that a couple of more times and it passed.. So i am sitting at 19 days with 20 days in sight and beyond I hope.

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