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I feel good Today!

I feel good today, no idea why. Maybe because I got the booster shot of vaccine today? Nope, that isn't it. I felt this way before I went to get the shot. Maybe it is because I have mastered the alphabet for ASL? (American Sign Language) Nope, I did that last night when I wasn't feeling so good. I don't know why I feel good, I just do. So now is the time to dig into a subject I have been meaning to talk about for sometime but I knew it would bum me out so I didn't. But I feel so good I am going to chance it.

So this is about brushing my teeth. You would not believe how long it takes me to do this simple task every day. But because my tongue no longer moves at all, it complicates matters immensely. It just sits there and gets in the way. I bite it at least ten times a day. And I am not eating anything. It just gets out there when I am swallowing saliva and I bite it. When I am brushing my teeth, it gets in the way of the toothbrush. So much so I have thought about getting it amputated. But then I always back off as I imagine it would be even worse somehow. Like they come up with a cure for ALS and then I would have no tongue and still couldn't talk or eat. Would be my luck. So it just keeps getting in the way and makes it a painful process to brush my teeth. I have to brush, then move my tongue out of the way with my tooth brush, then brush the area I moved it away from. I don't know it that makes sense or not but it is a real pain in the rear every day.

Okay, I am done with that and I still feel good. So even that concern couldn't bring me down! Russ

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1 Comment

Tom Wiensch
Tom Wiensch
Oct 13, 2021

I'm sorry to hear about the tongue issue, but very glad to hear you are feeling good! Keep up the good work!

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