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Home Sweet Home!

Operation hermit went into effect at 1:45pm CST today. Made it home after stopping off at Jim Pagels to drop of his stuff and see how he was doing. To my eyes, it appears he has lost some weight. But he is doing quite well all things considered. I just finished unloading the car. The reality is setting in. The last trip I will make in my life. Sounds kind of ominous to me. But I am not feeling that way. It is just the reality of the situation. And I get to test out if I can still get something down by mouth. Don't think it will be today, but soon I will prepare some Foie Gras and see it that will go down or more accurately, will it melt in my mouth? Inquiring minds want to know! At least I do. And I am pretty sure I can suck on some 15 year old Cheddar Cheese with a nice bottle of wine I am not so sure about anymore.

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