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Follow up on Cold ass Rejection.

I can't leave a situation unresolved so I emailed back to Frank (the owner of a Mexican Stem Cell company) and while his reply is short I at least got an answer why they can't help. me.

Frank CarrilloSat, Sep 11, 6:44 PM (1 day ago) to me we are not, sorry Get Outlook for iOS From: Russ Newton <> Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2021 3:08:00 AM To: Frank Carrillo <> Subject: Re: [EXTERNO] Favor Frank, That was a rather cold rejection. Can you at least tell me why you can't help me? Project? I am dying from ALS. This isn't a project for me. I am trying to extend my life. And I can pay as well. I hope you understand that. I was not asking for a gift. Is the reason you can't help is your team is not working on Stem Cell therapy for ALS? Thank you. Russ

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